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ICON By Epos

Discover our latest masterpiece, the Icon Collection by Epos Milano. Crafted with passion and precision, this unisex optical frame collection redefines elegance and craftsmanship. Each piece boasts a comfortable keyhole nose bridge, meticulously handmade from high-quality acetate, ensuring both durability and style. With 100% of its production rooted in Italy, the collection showcases exquisite details that set it apart: from enhanced hinges for added reliability to a subtly coated logo in enamel, culminating in a sophisticated embossed milling on the front. Experience the blend of tradition and innovation with the Icon Collection, where every detail contributes to an unparalleled aesthetic refinement.

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Epos Milano

E P O S 1 0 0 % M A D E I N I T A L Y ® E P O S 1 0 0 % M A D E I N I T A L Y ®

Epos Milano

E P O S 1 0 0 % M A D E I N I T A L Y ® E P O S 1 0 0 % M A D E I N I T A L Y ®

Our Story

100% Made in Italy

For us Italians, time is a long invisible line that unites the art of beauty, between past, present and future. In its flow it occasionally stops to leave imprints of that unique and indelible charm that we call vintage. The search for this unique and authentic style has always inspired Epos eyewear collections. Each eyewear has its roots more than a century ago, in the birthplace of Italian fashion, Milan, and in the heart of its elegance among the Milanese elite that animated clubs and theaters such as the “Scala”.

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New Arrivals

Timeless Eyewear

finally an eyewear brand that takes care of every detail. For my Polluce eyeglasses by Epos I also found the clip on!

Mark C.

since I wear my Argos sunglasses everyone asks me where I got them ... but sorry, I want to keep the secret;)

John T.

Great! I love this quality … these sunglasses are the perfect icon of the Italian way of life

Megan B.