100% Made in Italy

Each Epos eyewear is totally conceived, designed and made in Italy. Precisely in our artisan workshop in Valdobbiadene in Veneto, the land of master craftsmen. Our designers create unique shapes and styles, and for 4 days our craftsmen carve, smooth and polish the best quality materials, from acetates to lenses, to ensure exceptional quality and the Epos vintage style.


Our Story

100% Made in Italy

For us Italians, time is a long invisible line that unites the art of beauty, between past, present and future. In its flow it occasionally stops to leave imprints of that unique and indelible charm that we call vintage. The search for this unique and authentic style has always inspired Epos eyewear collections. Each eyewear has its roots more than a century ago, in the birthplace of Italian fashion, Milan, and in the heart of its elegance among the Milanese elite that animated clubs and theaters such as the “Scala”.

Since then we have renewed the legacy of this beauty in the most authentic vintage. Italian taste, charm and craftsmanship run through the veins of our designers and mark the hands of our craftsmen: from the conception to the realization of every detail, only and always in our laboratories in Valdobbiadene, Italy. Shapes, lines, colors and materials become harmony of charm and elegance, while respecting excellence and the Italian vocation for beauty. This is Epos eyewear.

Time changes everything, but our own milestones.